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From Secrets from the Sofa: A Psychologist's Guide to Personal Peace By Dr. Ken Herman


Part One: Understanding Why

Chapter 1: Why People Are Not Happy
Chapter 2: Parental Tapes
Chapter 3: Uncovering the Source

Part Two: Gearing Up

Chapter 4: Identifying Resistance

Chapter 5: Finding the Courage to Change
Chapter 6: Identifying and Acknowledging the Problem

Part Three: Your Personal Peace Process

Chapter 7: The Peace Plan

Chapter 8: Putting Your Plan into Action
Chapter 9: Avoiding Plan Deviations
Chapter 10: Confronting Your Feelings
Chapter 11: Making Change Permanent

Part Four: Your Emotions and Feelings

Chapter 12: Dealing with Depression and Anxiety

Chapter 13: Coping Effectively with Guilt
Chapter 14: Understanding Anger
Chapter 15: Reducing Stress in Your Life
Chapter 16: Making Sense of Relationships
Chapter 17: When to Seek Professional Help

Part Five: Emerging Stronger

Chapter 18: Your New Abilities

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