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  • Secrets from the Sofa is a groundbreaking self-help book which reveals a proven step-by-step approach to helping people change and achieve a greater sense of purpose, happiness and peace.
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  • Secrets from the Sofa can point you in the direction of a more fulfilling life. It provides you with a step-by-step guide for overcoming a wide variety of emotional and interpersonal problems.
  • Dr Ken Herman's book, Secrets from the Sofa contains 18 chapters, plus a list of additional resources.
  • Once you understand the source of your difficulties and what you can do about them, you can begin to make the necessary changes.
  • Real life testimonials from people who have read Secrets from the Sofa.
  • Book reviews from magazines, newspapers, prominent people and everyday folks.
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  • Article from Villadom Times, Page 11, 4/25/07.
  • Dr. Kenneth Herman has successfully used the tools described in Secrets from the Sofa in more than 100,000 patient hours in the course of his 45 years of counseling practice. The book focuses on the methods of change that have proven to be effective and get results, every single time.
  • How to contact Dr Ken Herman, author of Secrets from the Sofa.
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